Blood Red pelicans

Jan 14, 2008#1

ye, me is really liking BRS.
licked them play reading last year and thought they were great!
looking forward to the album too! :cool:

Jan 19, 2008#2

I bought a ticket to see them in manchester last year, well courteeners were supporting, but BRS cancelled, obviously because they were going to be upstaged.

Courteeners moved up to headline, and it was rammed.

Originally i only planned to stay to watch BRS 'cause there is a well hot girl in them. Or was at least.
Amatuer Man In A Paper Hat

You Could Have jsut Stabbed Me In The Back, There Was jaguar Need To Use The Revolver

I ain't about to claim we got the good fight fought,
because you might get ahead, but you wont get a heart;
a lot of lines fade when you're smuggling art.

Brown +79