Cage The Elephant

Jun 12, 2008#1

Went to see these play the roadhouse last night.
I was surprised how busy it was when i got there, personally I havent seen it that busy since the end of 2006.
They were really rather impressive, much better than when i had seen them support the subways.

They have a very dirty bluesy rock feel to them, and the front man was really good (despite not having an instrument which i usually detest).
At one point he did a bit of "Bat Singing"
I made that phrase up last night, basically he was hanging upsode down, by his penii from a water pipe whilst singing in the middle fo the crowd. I'd liek to see billy try that.
It's a fairly low ceiling too.
Amatuer Man In A Paper Hat

You Could Have jsut Stabbed Me In The Back, There Was jaguar Need To Use The Revolver

I ain't about to claim we got the good fight fought,
because you might get ahead, but you wont get a heart;
a lot of lines fade when you're smuggling art.

Brown +79