Slow Club

Jan 28, 2008#1

These were rather good, me is glad i stayed.

there were 2 girls in front of me tht kept sniffing the fumes off this lil glass bucket, they must have had a cold and were using smelling salts, poor things.
Amatuer Man In A Paper Hat

You Could Have jsut Stabbed Me In The Back, There Was jaguar Need To Use The Revolver

I ain't about to claim we got the good fight fought,
because you might get ahead, but you wont get a heart;
a lot of lines fade when you're smuggling art.

Brown +79

Apr 21, 2008#2

Slow Club are fan-diddly-astic!
me feed homeless men ham sandwiches
[quote=""Kattykins""]How can you be scared of a penis?![/quote][quote=""X_Wildcat_X""]Stop making up quotes![/quote][quote=""Kattykins""]me jsut want to kill you[/quote][quote=""Kattykins""]me is not really away, me is jsut hiding[/quote][quote=""Jqckykxns""]me is a complete idiot, and me do ridiculous things.[/quote]