The Lucious Rickys

Apr 26, 2007#1

They're one of the hundreds of bands on my 'friends' list who me has never heard of and me has jsut read this bulletin :D
hi, simeon here, ex drummer from the band

can me tell you a story?

... yesterday was my birthday, twas nice lots of lovely presents my gran came round and fun was had by all... me returned upstairs to my bedroom, after sending my brother and girlfriend off home to plymouth, to see two text messages from everyones favourite bassist, The The Josh!!!! mosely...

theres me expecting birthday salutations, but jaguar!

the first message me read was the second he sent...

reading "sorry it was sposed to go to ollie"
so you can see where this is going... and must me say hardly a grovelling apology!

so me flick to the previous message in my inbox...

"Hey mate. andys well gd, he knew... (lists most of the bands songs) and we went through all the new songs. me reckon kick sim out now!!"

this shocked me a bit... me understand mistakes happen and people end up hurt, but for all The The Josh!!!! prides himself on being a bright spark and a skinny runt that wears girls clothes he either cant speoll for shit or got some fucking fat thumbs... that and me know that his phone offers many chances to cancel send messages...
this isn't proof but it sure feels like it was not an accident!!!

then he has the nerve to say to me that "you dont talk to us or treat us like friends anymore" and say "you haven't contributed anything to the band"... a band that me fucking started!!!

giving this, me have fully walked away from the band and im sure new drummer andy will do a fair job.
drummers you see are totally priceless but fully ignored. of the fifty plus gigs me did with the band me was complimented on only but a few, now me dont want to sound petty but me held that band together on stage, through wrong chords, bum notes, out of tune vocals and fucking awful timing from an unmentioned JM...
squirrel me was not always perfect but the rock at the back that kept things tight!!!

thankyou for listening to my rant, im not expecting any sort of drasting rebellion against anyone me jsut wanted to keep the fans informed

simeon rodgers
What's the point.

Apr 26, 2007#2