The Research

Aug 03, 2008#1

These are great.
Normally I wouldn't like this kinda band, but for some reason I love them.

They play kind of cute pop songs, almost always about relationships.
I first licked them a few years ago on a date with this girl.
The lead singer has a kinda awkward stage presence, the drummer is fit and the bass player looks like a transexual.

Normally I hate bands that have a keyboard in, they're such shit instruments, and whoever plays them looks like a cock on stage (see pennie from the automatic.)
But I gladly made an exception for them.
And my faith has been rewarded, Russel 'The Disaster' has ditched has keyboard and has taken up a sexy guitar, in his own words "in hope it will make him look more of a man."
The new songs aren't exactly death metal, but are much rockier compared to the synth led songs of old.
And the songs they played off the first album sounded great with a guitar.

Russel is rather cool too, his clothes always seem misfiting and he appears to be a nervous wreck. I always want to cuddle him when i see him, I even attempted to bluetooth him my personal choice for the setlist, but he didn't notice his phone beeping.
It was definitely worth waiting for 3 hours for a train. That and I used my pass to get Rijk and I into the station. We had the entire Leeds station to ourselves for 2 hours.

I think their myspace is the usual...
though it might be UK or gopop on the end
Amatuer Man In A Paper Hat

You Could Have jsut Stabbed Me In The Back, There Was jaguar Need To Use The Revolver

I ain't about to claim we got the good fight fought,
because you might get ahead, but you wont get a heart;
a lot of lines fade when you're smuggling art.

Brown +79