Total War

Oct 28, 2008#1

Good news folks.

Rijk and my band "neighbours having sex" has been absorbed by The The Josh!!!!'s band "TOTAL WAR"

We recorded our first song last week, called "Save Kylie" it's rather excellent.

Fans of "neighbours having sex" fear not, the band still exists, as TOTAL WAR is more a collabaration, meaning it's members will falluctuate depending who is sat near by at the time.

Stay tuned.
Amatuer Man In A Paper Hat

You Could Have jsut Stabbed Me In The Back, There Was jaguar Need To Use The Revolver

I ain't about to claim we got the good fight fought,
because you might get ahead, but you wont get a heart;
a lot of lines fade when you're smuggling art.

Brown +79