Posted: 12:15 PM - Dec 13, 2006

Posted: 2:52 PM - Dec 17, 2006
sexy as

ive been listening to them this morning

Posted: 6:49 PM - Jul 09, 2007
these guys are well cool.

They are down to a 3-piece now, but so are Ash, Subways and Moose.

me has been talking to the girl, Ritzy, recently shes ace.
Today she sent me 2(!) CDs, and a signed photograph.

Apparently the lack of gigs have been down to them changing managers. From what i can tell, they are managing themselves.

She included this rather cool cd in a paper sleeve of thier new tracks, its the ones you send out to agents and stuff.
And by paper sleeve i mean, its 2 quare piece of paper stappled together on 3 sides.

Oh and completely unrelated...she is sooo my type.